Executive Coaching for Professional and Personal Reinvention

What is Coaching?

Simply said, coaching is both a process and a partnership. It facilitates using what you know and who you are as a unique and talented individual to leverage yourself personally and professionally. Coaching is about getting yourself into action now! It is about honestly assessing what your tendencies and personal attributes are, understanding their upsides and liabilities, and learning to manage them to get the best for yourself…from yourself. In a world that encourages us to benchmark success by doing what others are doing, coaching invites you to unlock your potential and maximize your performance through a customized program designed specifically with you in mind.

What Does Coaching Provide?

Imagine a relationship with someone that is completely curious about what makes you tick, what you think about, dream about and care passionately about – someone that will help you clarify your goals and provide tools for action and learning that will support you getting the results you want.

How good would it feel to have someone in your life that is your advocate? Who wants as much success and happiness for you as you want for yourself? For twenty years I have been providing the environment, enthusiasm and experience that supports the personal and professional fulfillment of my clients.

How Does Coaching Work?

While each coaching relationship is unique, I believe the important components are the same in all successful coaching engagements.

  • The coaching relationship is a designed alliance.

  • The client is naturally creative, resourceful and healthy.

  • Coaching addresses the client’s whole life.

  • The agenda comes from the client.

After an initial meeting, coaching is usually conducted over the telephone or in a face-to-face meeting. We begin by discussing your objective and what you want for yourself. Then, together, we’ll determine a timeline for your success and what is reasonable to expect.

In most cases, my clients commit to their success and the coaching process for not less than 90 days. That said, many of my clients have continued working with me on an “as needed” basis for years. They tell me, that it is tremendously valuable to have someone to turn to who knows what they are trying to accomplish.


Are You Coachable?

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