Executive coaching is a powerful process for accelerating your growth. You decide. Are you ready for something to change? The coach executives in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area have come to rely on is Julie Overholt.

Julie works with leaders in Fortune 500 companies from C-Suite to the Director Level. Over a span of twenty-five years, she has been brought in to help leaders grow their communication skills and leadership behaviors in a variety of industries.

Reasons to Work with an Executive Coach

There are many important reasons that a leader works with an Executive Coach:

  • Your career is stagnating or plateaued.
  • You’ve been a good leader but now you’re being asked to be a better leader. A great leader.
  • Your relationship with a key stakeholder is disconnected, conflicted or dysfunctional.
  • You’ve been brought into an organization to change the culture, yet your stakeholders are not supporting change.
  • You’ve been told you need to think less tactically and more strategically.
  • You need a sounding board to work through a challenging situation.

Whether an executive needs assistance moving their career direction upward or improving their effectiveness as a leader, do what DFW’s most successful professionals do and contact Julie Overholt.

An Executive Coach in Dallas that Professionals Trust

Dallas is a business mecca with immense opportunities for corporate professional growth. Executive Leadership Coach Julie Overholt has built her reputation helping successful business leaders in the nation’s fourth largest city achieve results. Yes, not only is she one of the most experienced coaches in Dallas, she’s also an expert that other Executive Coaching Professionals look to for advice and counsel. Julie is a true leader in her field, but best of all clients love what she does for their executive brand.

The Best Thing About Coaching

Research indicates that highly successful organizations navigate change better than less successful organizations by supporting key leaders with skilled, experienced executive coaches. The best thing about working with Julie is that her coaching is highly personalized. Julie helps her clients understand their unique strengths and the attributes will bring them more success.  And she helps clients identify what may be getting in the way of achieving their goals.

As Julie says, “In our everyday thinking, 98% is habitual. We lose our ability to see what the ‘truth’ is and how our choices and actions contribute to our experiences. Helping executives improve self-awareness, choices and leadership behaviors has been Julie’s passion for more than 25 years.