Find a way.

Look at this face. What do you see? The face of a dreamer or an achiever? For thirty-five years, Diana Nyad has planned and persevered while others observed in wonder and disbelief as she pursued her dream to swim from Cuba to the Florida Keys. Even if you didn't understand her dream, [...]

What Kills a Dream

Three things will kill a dream for you: overwhelm, frustration and isolation. By far, isolation is the worst condition of all. Every day thousands of executives will stand on a critical path and make a career defining decision in a vacumn. They do [...]

Executive Leadership: Highest visibility::Greatest Risk

“Pilots deprived of visual references while flying can quickly loose control of their aircraft and succumb to one of aviation’s biggest killers: spatial disorientation. This is a spot on analogy for what can happen to the executive that is building [...]

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