Executive Leadership Coaching

In my twenty-five years of working with executives from the C-Suite through the Director level, the most effective way to initiate relevant and sustainable change is through one-to-one leadership coaching partnerships combined with a 360 Leadership Survey.

The 360 Leadership Survey process is a validated developmental process that was established over 60 years ago. In this process, data is collected, reported, and acted upon with the intention of bringing increased professional effectiveness on behalf of the designated leader.

The three facts at the heart of a successful feedback process:

1. Coaching helps gather better feedback.
The observation and collaborative dialogue of a trained facilitator will gather better, more detailed feedback for goal setting purposes. It is vitally important that it be collected from individuals that are in a position to evaluate the participants behavior and performance. Depending on the desired outcome that could mean interviewing supervisors, peers and direct reports.

2. Coaching helps the initiative succeed.
Coaching helps the initiative succeed. Using the feedback from this report for the purposes of goal setting, with appropriate follow up coaching, with increase the effectiveness of the leadership initiative. According to research, the effectiveness of a 360 Leadership Survey increases from 34% to 94% for participants that use the feedback information to set goals and have routine accountability around them.

3. Coaching helps guide change.

  • Interpret the survey results correctly.
  • Provide a sounding board for the leader to discuss their results and accept feedback.
  • Mitigate negative or unproductive reactions to the feedback.
  • Help identify natural strengths and talents, rather than focusing only on areas for improvement.
  • Help the leader to focus on the real issues and not get sidetracked by minor concerns.
  • Provide guidance on creating a personal development plan based on the feedback.

Leadership Coaching Works

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