Recently the CEO of a very successful company in the luxury car business called to ask me if I had room in my coaching practice to work with one of his General Managers; and if so, would I take him on as a client. I replied that I’d welcome the opportunity to speak with his GM and that afterwards I would get back with him.

The CEO paused but then agreed to wait until he heard from me. I sensed that he was a little taken aback. After all, in the luxury car business you don’t interview someone to decide if you’re going to sell them a car. For success in the coaching business, however, it’s critically important that coaching is a good fit for the client.

Indicators You are Ready for a Coach

There are a handful of conditions that are strong indicators that a prospective client is ready to build a better career, life and future. Here they are:

  • They see coaching as an investment in their success; not a withdrawal from their bank account.
  • They can be trusted to do what they say they are going to do. No excuses.
  • They speak straight and tell the truth; even when it’s uncomfortable.
  • They are willing to try on new behaviors and explore a different way of being.
  • They can let go of their past and lean into building their future.

Coaching is a Relationship that Exists to Benefit You

Coaching is many times described as a process or a partnership. In truth, it is a relationship. And, it’s likely a relationship like no other you will ever have because the entire relationship exists only to benefit you.

So, is coaching a fit for you? If you’d like to discuss coaching as an option for you, give me a call. No pressure, no promises, no sales pitch.